Ask these 15 questions to your rooftop solar installer before choosing right installer.

    15 most important questions you must ask your Solar Installers before choosing the right installer for you.

    Switching to renewable energy from traditional sources of energy for your daily home energy requirement is a noble thought. However before installing solar Rooftop systems on your home, you must ask all the doubts you have in your mind before finalizing your installer. Here are some crucial enquiries you must have answers to before embarking on solar powered journey of free electricity- 

    1. What experience do you have in solar installation?
    2. Can you provide references or examples of past projects similar to mine?
    3. What solar panel brands do you recommend, and why?
    4. How do you handle permits and approvals for solar installations?
    5. What warranties do you offer on the solar panels and installation work?
    6. Can you assess my property's solar potential and provide an estimate of energy production?
    7. What financing options do you offer, and can you help with the process?
    8. How do you handle maintenance and repairs after installation?
    9. Do you offer monitoring services to track the performance of the solar system?
    10. What is your timeline for installation, and how do you handle unexpected delays?
    11. How do you ensure the safety of your installation crew and my property during the installation process?
    12. What happens if my energy needs change in the future? Can the system be easily expanded or modified?
    13. How do you handle shading issues that might affect solar panel efficiency?
    14. Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in the installation, including any potential additional fees?
    15. What post-installation support and customer service do you provide?

    If you are opting for more aesthetically pleasing and multipurpose installation such as a hut or covered area with elevated structure. 

    You must ask your installer if the structure that is being built is properly designed by engineer to withstand various loads during its lifetime. What material is being used for installation. Given that most guidelines insist upon mounting structure of HDGI (Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron) so as to prevent corrosion and lighter weight of the structure. Generally speaking, total weight of such structure should not exceed 60-70 kg per meter square. Any solar structure and panel installed on your roof is going to last for more than 20 years, which is a very long period. Steps need to be taken at the time of installation itself to ensure longevity of that structure. 

    Various other aspects also need to be kept in mind such as change in energy needs, scope of expansion, ease of replacement etc. 

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